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by Stoney Creek 3 Ball Golf Classic

The Stoney Creek 3ball Golf Classic features a radically different golf event format that is providing something new and exciting for golf.

"A very clever format and so much fun to play" - Andrew Evans, PGA Tour Professional

AUSTRALIA’S newest golfing challenge, The Stoney Creek 3ball Golf Classic, is set to turn the traditional Ambrose/Stableford event on its head.

The Stoney Creek 3ball Golf Classic is a team event comprising 3 golfers per team who tee it up alongside another team to form a group of 6 players.  This ensures the integrity of the competition as the teams swap cards and mark down the scores of the other team.  It’s also surprisingly quick to play.

The format of the event combines Ambrose, Stableford and aggregate.

Like in Ambrose, all three players tee off on a hole, and then the team selects one ball to play from.  However, once a tee shot is chosen, the format shifts to a single stableford, as each team member plays out their own ball from that position until it is holed.  This keeps all 3 players involved for the entire 18 holes.

To make things even more interesting, the scoring system is determined by which of the 3 players’ tee shot is taken.  The pressure is on from the start.

If a team elects to take the tee shot of the lowest handicapper, the single best stableford score of the 3 players is recorded as the team score.  For example, if the team takes their lowest marker’s drive, and one of the players scores 4 points on the hole, the team records 4 points as their team score.

If a team elects to take the tee shot of the middle handicapper, then the two best stableford scores of the 3 players are recorded as the team score.  For example, taking their middle marker’s drive the two best scores are, say 2 points and 3 points, so the team records 5 points as their team score.

Finally, if a team elects to take the tee shot of the highest handicapper, then all 3 of the stableford scores of the team are recorded as the team score.  Again for example, if the three players score 2 points, 1 point and 4 points, the team records 7 points as their team score.

In addition, there is a “rodeo” rule, requiring each player on the 3 person team to use 6 tee shots during the 18 holes.  So when it comes to the 17th and 18th holes, not all of the 3 players will be able to choose their tee shot for the team.

Peter Allan from Muirfield Golf Club played a trial game at Bexley Golf Club recently, and became an instant fan of the format.

“It only took a few holes to figure out the format and scoring system, after that it was really easy”, he said.

“We started to think of the best tactics and strategy to maximise our team’s score.  For example, the par-4 10th Hole at Bexley has a stroke index of 10/23 so we thought it would be best to take my tee shot as the lowest marker and hope that John (Handicap 24) could manage to score a par as he gets 2 shots on that hole, which would be a 4/4 and 4 points for the team.  Naturally, our tactics didn’t work, as I proceeded to hook my drive to the left and end up right behind a tree with no shot, but that’s a great feature of the format of the game.”

“There is certainly an element of pressure to the event as you don’t want to let your team mates down”, he added.  “Also, there is always the possibility of making up a lot points with a great hole so it definitely keeps you interested for the entire 18 holes.  After we finished our round we found ourselves reminiscing over a beer or two about the good and bad holes we had as a team and couldn’t wait to have another crack at the fun and exciting event.”

To be eligible to play in a Stoney Creek 3ball Golf Classic Event near you, every member of your team must be a member of a recognised Australian Golf Club and have a current Australian golf handicap and Golflink number.


February 29, 2012


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